Kobe Sushi

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NEW APPERIZERS : Calamari-----------------------$4.95

Beef kabobs--------------------$4.95

Swirling roll------------------$8.95

Beef fajita roll---------------$6.95



The Kobe Story

KOBE steak comes from a steer that is raised and nurtured in a unique way. The steer is curried and massaged with "Schochu" (Japanese Gin) in order to knead any fat. Beer is added to the diet shortly before it reaches three years of age. The result is a meat that is tender, succulent, and richly flavored. The word "KOBE" suggests the ultimate and the finest in
World Cuisine.

Now just outside your door, in Texas, KOBE Japanese Steak House offers you the chance to experience the best Japan has to offer.

Our Celebrated chefs, will prepare your meals right before your eyes in an extraordinary show on a Teppanyaki Table.

Now sit back and relax, come discover Japan.